The blue flame and The Four L’s

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Michael is the bearer and sender of the transmutable blue flame from the central sun,  that is now permeating energetic frequencies into the grid systems throughout Earth including your physical, mental and emotional bodies. The grid works within your human body and can be activated by the power of your mind.  By using this flame you can become more aware of the negative indoctrination of the collective consciousness and of your own negative patterns of thinking that need to be changed.  Connecting to this flame of light can teach you how to unlock the doorway to your higher self and gives you a way to change instantly from negativity to positive awareness.

Understand, it is a process of learning and after going through many experiences throughout life times you learn how to recognize and change the illusional programming of negativity. The blue flame is the highest flame or ray that can assist in altering your negative thoughts and modify your physical brain's intellect to a vibration of cosmic energy called universal mind. You are learning to transition from your dualistic mind to cosmic mind, from your emotional body to unconditional love, and from physical body to physical etheric.

Michael comes to bring the transmutable blue flame to change negativity by transforming negativity into the four “L’s": light, love, life, and law. He has now added a very important fifth “L”: laughter.  Michael uses the miracle of laughter to accomplish a higher vibratory level to assist those who are ready to become skilled at self-mastery and achieve with the higher forces of guidance. Michael is totally dedicated to teach you to hear your own inner voice so you can  connect with your spiritual teachers and inner guidance.

It is not always easy in the beginning, however, most of you have been around the wheel of life many times, and have come back at this time to learn to co-exist in two worlds at the same time, meaning, the world  of duality you're in and the world of spirit.   

You are spiritual beings that are simply living in a physical body.  Long ago you chose to come to the Earth to go through Earth’s experiences and now  is the time for those that can, to come back home to your spiritual self and be the beacons of light to advance on your spiritual stepladder and assist humankind by using your knowledge and gifts of choice.

You can learn more by reading and listening to the teachings that will be given through Orpheus, oracle for the Archangel Michael.