Harmonic vortex is an enriching tool you can use to create a beneficial environment for yourself, family or clients. They are nondenominational, universal and appeal to many people for many reasons. For centuries, different cultures, religions and races have used labyrinths in their search for meaning and guidance. Because they are non- denominational and universal they are appealing for many reasons. People can now use harmonic vortices to reduce stress, relax in a tranquil serene environment, increase their self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Whatever the purpose of your harmonic vortex, Orpheus can design it to your specifications. She does this through a scientific process using a mathematical procedure to work out your request into a universal vernacular of color, light and sound. This use of tone and color connects the harmonic vortex to different invisible energy fields, in alignment with your request. She takes all the paths of the vortex and integrates them so they work together in harmony and balance. The end result is a harmonic vortex of colored paths with accompanying musical tones designed specifically to your specifications. The vortices can be built either inside or outside depending on your intent and space constraints.



We live in a society that continually is on the go. Rarely, is there time in a day to create relaxing moments. There is more frustration, stress, anger, rage, irritability and fatigue being experienced in our everyday life than ever before. Our fast pace of living keeps people jammed into the systems of society. This is causing many to break down mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Relaxation, is a luxury and it should be an everyday event in order to maintain tranquility, calmness and to function in balance. There are many that are yearning for a spiritual reconnection and to find a greater sense of purpose in life. The harmonic vortex can help you to:

  • • Have a transformation experience
  • • Clear the mind and listen
  • • Feel a sense of grace and transcendence
  • • To experience the divine via meditation and prayer
  • • To attain peace and quiet
  • • To seek truth
  • • To gain spiritual insight
  • • To sooth the nerves and attain inner quietness

Harmonic Vortices can be for personal use or can benefit spa retreats, resorts, churches, metaphysical centers and other public places.

You can visit and experience a sacred location, such as, the Pyramid of Giza that has been transformed into a colorful vortex, whereby, you can meditate and listen to the magical tones of this sacred site as well as the affirmation that has been changed into a composition of tones giving guidance. Every sacred site has its own magical tones, of which, Michael calls "Lute Sesame" (Magical tones that open the doorway).

Vortex Power Rooms in Color and Sound

Orpheus will develop a vortex schematic for you that identifies the vortex and its colors, metals, crystals, flowers, gems/stones and other important materials to be used in your room. She will also provide a CD with the vortex specifications produced into musical tones. Ancient mathematical formulas are used to reduce language and affirmations into color, light and musical tones. You can request to link with your specific angels, sacred sites, celestial systems, enhancing spiritual development and tie to special power words such as joy, healing, relax, love, and etc. By customizing a meditation power room of your desire, you bring the vibration of your intent into your personal space.


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