with respect and deepest devotion!

The Archangel Michael has been with Orpheus Phylos since birth, but it was not until 1980 that he appeared to his oracle, the former Dollye Powers. It has taken a lifetime for their relationship to develop and to prepare her to carry forth his message at this present time. It is difficult for any of us to fathom the significance of this Archangel's effect on her life as a total mentor relationship. 

Whether as a frightened child in a dark closet hiding from an abusive father, during out-of-body adventures, recovering from near-death experiences or battling cancer, the Archangel Michael was ever present, protecting and watching over her. The courage and strength she has developed during this journey has taught her the significance of connecting to the oneness of everything, realizing the uselessness of judgment, and the inner knowing that everything is in Divine Right Order.

Her journey began in 1965, when she was twenty-five years old. Frail, weak and weighing only 72 pounds, Dollye was in a hospital hooked up to feeding tubes, dying from anorexia. It was at this low point in her life that she was first awakened by a telepathic voice that said, "You are not dying yet." As this voice spoke there was a cobalt blue sphere about the size of a tennis ball, suspended in the air, about three feet from her face. She felt an indescribable love surround her and she gained a new perspective and inner strength, literally lighting the fire within. This experience gave her the courage to follow her intuition and the permission to severe the bonds that were holding her back. 

By 1969, she was developing an interest in astrology, which was her only connection to metaphysics at that time. One Sunday afternoon, she sat alone reading a book when she felt an urge to look up. three feet away, a cobalt blue sphere about the size of a beach ball was suspended in midair! It was pulsating and emanating rays of light for several minutes before disappearing. This time there was no telepathic message. However, immediately afterwards, Dollye began seeing clusters of sparkling, blinking, blue lights everywhere she went, day or night. The sparking blue lights came so often that she knew they were signs from spirit that everything would be okay. 

Then in May of 1979, Dollye got up during the night feeling disoriented and confused. Her mother and daughter helped her to lie down on the couch and the next thing she knew she was out of her body in a circular room surrounded by many beings. These transparent beings, with large luminous blue eyes, seemed as if they could see right through her, as though they were all-knowing. They were very comforting and reassuring while working on her, as she sat in a translucent crystalline chair. 

She was still very much aware of her physical body lying below her o the couch. As she watched from above, she felt electrical currents and saw her physical body being raised a foot off the couch and gently placed back down. On the third life, they said, "You must go back into the body as she telepathically heard a voice say, "You are now prepared." That year was filled with many sleepless nights, the continuous feeling of being out of sync, and a profound awareness that a presence was with her. 

A year later, May 22, 1980, in the middle of the night, her entire room lit up, and a robe-like form of energy emanating gold, blue, violet and white light appeared at the side of her bed. Telepathically she heard the comment: "Why are you struggling? We agreed eons ago to come together to do the Father's work." Deep inside her heart and in every cell of her body she recognized this as truth and felt intoxicated by a profoundly intense love. When the light form moved to the foot of the bed, she mentally asked this loving energy, "Can I please see you?" Immediately he appeared, and Dollye recognized him as what she believed to be the face of Christ. This majestic being, with amazing blue eyes, started toward he projecting awesome blue energy rays into her, throwing her into a deep, deep sleep. 

When she woke up the next day the voice in her head said, "Your conceptual thought forms are now ready and prepared." Remember that this experience occurred in the early 1980's when channeling was a "new" phenomenon and it felt really odd to Dollye who had never heard a voice in her head before. Dazed, she went to her mother in the living room and asked her to get a pad and pen, saying. "I don't know what, if anything is going to happen, but this voice is telling me to sit. I'm just going to sit here and listen to the voice, but be prepared to write if something does occur."

All Dollye remembers was seeing pulsating blue lights and hearing the voice say, "I come." Two hours later she "came to," and her Mother handed her twenty pages of notes she had written. Within those twenty pages the voice announced himself as the one known to man as the Archangel Michael and he outlined five basic steps Dollye was instructed to follow. She was also told she would be meeting people to help her develop, which is exactly what happened in the next week. This mentoring went on for about a year and soon afterward Dollye expanded into lecturing and teaching. 

In 1982, Archangel Michael began teaching Dollye to hear telepathically. He also said she would be taking a trip to Arizona from California. In fact, she ended up moving to Arizona but began traveling and teaching in many places. 

In 1984, in Crestone, Colorado, Dollye was taking care of a friend's place. That morning she wasn't feeling well and was telepathically instructed to lie down on the couch. She went out-of-body to the "other side" where the Archangel Michael was standing and he asked her to wait. She remembers watching other souls pass by, going to the greater light. Although encircled in great love she was feeling remorse because she did not have time to say goodbye to her two children. When Michael reappeared he told her she would have to return to Earth, because it was not her time yet.

Meanwhile, on Earth, a stranger who was passing by her house smelled gas. He looked in the window, saw Dollye lying motionless, came in and pulled her out. She had stopped breathing. Dollye opened her eyes and watched this stranger breathe but he was not administering CPR. His spiral breathing technique continued awhile and then he stopped and said, "You know you were gone." 

He helped her to her feet as friends she had been expecting arrived, and then the stranger left. No one knew him. Later that night Dollye went into trance so friends could ask Michael why this had happened. He explained that Dollye had experienced a soul exchange and she was now Orpheus Phylos! Orpheus means oracular, or oracle--one who communicates, and Phylos, means brotherhood for the new millennium. 

Immediately after this experience Orpheus had more stamina and strength for Michael to speak through her for a longer duration. She began traveling all over the world lecturing and taking groups to many of Earth's portals and major vortices located in Greece, Australia, Mexico, Hawaii, Jamaica South Africa, New Zealand, England, Turkey and Egypt.

Then the unthinkable happened. In October of 1990, Orpheus was diagnosed with cancer and given three months to two years to live. Just before the cancer, she had a dream that she was walking with Michel and he showed her a golden archway. He said," This is my tabernacle of learning; look above to the words 'know thyself.' I will be taking you into the Christ church to be schooled and you'll be there for a time." 

Michael guided her throughout the cancer experience and suggested she use color therapy, music and imagery. 

It took several years to recuperate fro the trauma of cancer. During those years, Orpheus did some teaching and much inner work. Michael taught her to go within to travel to other worlds, and to see pictures inwardly. Orpheus is more than a voice channel. She telepathically sees visualization. In this book many of the graphics were conceived this way. Her energies are actually "blended" with those of the Archangel Michael who told her she would be channeling a book. This is that book. 

The Archangel Michael channeled this book through Orpheus to bring his message to mankind and to let us know there will be a new world peace through ascension. Most important, he is announcing that he is coming with his Legion of Light to transmute negativity by continuing to neutralize darkness. Man must comprehend that there are many celestial beings and interlaced dimensions working for this great ascension. Divine light will overcome darkness as humanity returns back to God. 

With gratitude and humility, Orpheus Phylos honors and values her partnership with God through the Archangel Michael. She continues to carry on the work through spiritual writing, and cosmic teachings.

This is an excerpt taken from Orpheus's Book, Earth, The Cosmos and You. 

Note: Vera Lauren is a channel, an author, editor, speaker, spiritual teacher and consultant, life coach, and Archangel Michael told her she is an emotional healer. The first in a series of books with Vera Lauren, and Catherine Julian Dove is called, "The Measure of Christ's Love," and will be available in 2011. To know more about Vera's work go to: www.christmatrix.comOrpheus Bio Teacher: Orpheus has taught thousands of people, using universal concepts of truth. Subjects covered are numerology, spiritual development, sacred geometry, universal language of color, light and sound, sacred architecture for homes, center and communities, grid formulas for building, name, word and soul art, and the Teachings of the Archangel Michael. Background: Orpheus, having studied metaphysics for the past thirty-seven years and securing her Divinity Degree, has now established her own business, in Cottonwood, Arizona. She has her Doctorate in Hypnotherapy from ARC in Costa Mesa, California. For the past 30 years, Orpheus has received extraordinary knowledge from the Archangel Michael and she is distributing this information by writing, articles, reports, books, CD’s, monographs, blogs, and gives phone conferencing lectures, and workshops. Born: Dollye Ryan anointed as Orpheus Phylos, January 21, 1984 by the Archangel Michael after surviving a near-death experience. Counselor: Orpheus counsels on an individual basis by joining with the Archangel Michael in channeling a soul journey message. You all have a destiny and have wonderful spiritual gifts and talents that are being unveiled every day. However, these gifts aren’t always as obvious as we would like them to be. Through a soul message you can learn to know more about yourself. In each session Michael empowers you to love yourself and the Infinite Oneness, to let go of separation and to transmute fear into trust and positive thinking. Michael helps you to find your inner direction for your spiritual development, desired success, and talents. Author: Orpheus is the co-author of the book “New Cells, New Life, New Bodies” and author of “Earth, The Cosmos and You”; Revelations by Archangel Michael. Appearance of Archangel Michael On the dawn of May 21, 1980, Orpheus was awakened to see a tall translucent form of pure light emanating an incredible indigo blue color, with shades of deep violet and gold. Flowering from the light was an indescribable essence of pure love; this angel telepathically told her that they had agreed eons ago to come together at this time. Also, they would go out into the world and speak for the need of peace, letting go of negativity and to prepare for the coming changes that will occur on earth, in preparation for the Golden Epoch. Musical vortex designer A harmonic vortex is collected works of your vision as an individual, spiritual organization, spa, community, or church. Orpheus creates the vortices by using mathematical formulas to transform language into color, light and sound. These vortices can help you to focus, relax, slow down, enjoy quiet contemplation, creatively express, receive resolution to problems, experience past lives, and elevating to a higher state of conscious.  For further information go to Goals:

Orpheus’s goal is to assist in the raising of consciousness and to bring more hope to humanity by bringing to mankind the Teachings of the Archangel Michael and the messages from the Intergalactic councils.

Humankind needs to let go of negativity, wars, greed, misuse of power and of causing the suffrage of so many people. Consciousness must rise to a higher stratum and with love restore peace to all people and nations.